Why I've done this side



He is to blame !!!!!

To my enrollment at the tender age of 6 years,
I received this
Teddy bear from my grandmother (father's side) .

I named him unimaginative but very loving



Brummi was always a faithful companion in good times and in bad times.
6 years ago I thought to myself that it still
would be nice Brummi would have a girl-friend.


So I rummaged through various catalogs and shops,
looking for a pretty bride for my Brummi.

The Teddy bride was found after a few weeks.



But Teddy-Bear mothers-in-law are very critical.
The bride wasn't good enough.
So I began to sew teddy bears,
therewith Brummi would receive a suitable bride.



First I sewed just one teddy, but then there were more and more.


My husband was sitting on a chair, and my teddys were sitting on the sofa.


Then I had the idea to show my teddys the whole world.



I did not care if the whole world wanted to see them.



But therefor I needed a website and I had to learn how to make beautiful pictures.